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Gersten & Olufsen - Vibration Compensators

Gertsen & Olufsen is the market leader in vibration compensation onboard maritime installations. Our installations are renowned for their extreme operational excellence and reliability. We want to keep it that way!

As a customer of Gertsen & Olufsen, the best way to protect your investment in Gertsen & Olufsen equipment is to follow the guide lines in your maintenance manual, to ensure that only Gertsen & Olufsen trained service and maintenance staff does maintenance on your plant and that only original Gertsen & Olufsen wear and spare parts are used. By adhering to these simple guidelines, your Gertsen & Olufsen installation will contlnue to operate for many years to come.

In the following, we introduce the various services provided to you by the Gertsen & Olufsen aftersales department. 


Gertsen & Olufsen After Sales & Service

The Gertsen & Olufsen aftermarket services comprise:

Spare and wear parts for your compensator covering:

  • Original spare parts available world wide.
  • Selected wear or strategic parts

A broad range of services covering:

  • On site service of installed compensators.
  • Service contracts or adhoc services.
  • Refurbishment of older equipment.
  • Recalibration
  • Service rotation programme of refurbished compensators
  • Upgrade of older equipment i.e. mechanical update or control cabinets.
  • Emergency services
  • Gertsen & Olufsen academy
  • Network of service centers

The Gertsen & Olufsen aftersales & services concept is second to none and provide the flexibility and security requested by our customers.


Advantages by using a G&O service

A well and correct functioning vibration compensator will remove damaging vibrations from the ship’s hull, tanks, structures and components. It provides a safeguard from vibration induced cracks in the structure, bearing failures etc. and often protecting the vessel from leaking gases, fluids from the cargo or other tanks as well as keeping electronic/electrical equipment from vibration related malfunctions keeping essential equipment in operation


The G&O Guarantee

A further advantage of using Gertsen & Olufsen original parts or services is the service promise that we can provide. We pride ourselves of the quality of our parts and services and. With every part or service provided from us you will receive an 18 month guarantee and in some cases an extended guarantee can apply.


Gertsen & Olufsen Service centers

With numerous service centres around the world there is always one near you. Each service center is capable of providing a number of Gertsen & Olufsen services, hold a variety of original spare parts and in most cases even replacement components.

Furthermore, the local service techniciancs has been trained according to gertsen & Olufsen standard.

This means that we always respond fast in cases of emergencies.


Gertsen & Olufsen Original Parts

Gertsen & Olufsen utilizes state of the art technology to manufacture our compensators as well as the parts within them. The same goes for spare and wear parts.

Introducing original Gertsen & Olufsen spare parts into the maintenance programme of your compensator will enable your compensator to operate saely and according to specifications. We have tried hard to.


Gertsen & Olufsen Original Services

The Gertsen & Olufsen services have been build up over centuries. The service technicians, engineers, knowhow and tools that Gertsen & Olufsen have at our disposal is second to none.


The services provided from Gertsen & Olufsen covers a wide range of offers that can be adapted according to individual needs.

 Service contracts

With a service contract from Gertsen & Olufsen the operation and maintenance of your vibration compensator is guaranteed. Depending on the service provided we can provide the inter service period guarantee thereby making sure your compensator is always working properly. Most of our services can either be delivered adhoc or scheduled according to a service contract.


We continuously improve or develop our compensators and compensator control system. Furthermore, some components, in particular electrical gets outdated with an ever increasing speed creating the need for an update of the equipment due to lack of spares or expensive spares.


Vibration patterns change over time. In order to provide the necessary protection it pays to re-calibrate the compensator from time to time, specifically if major changes occur in the planned routes, cargo, speed or other operational parameters of the ship change. Recalibration is often done in connection with our service teams perfoming other services.

Refurbishment of G&O compensators

Gertsen & Olufsen compensators are designed to outlast even the highest expectations. However, as with all heavy machinery there comes a time when wear parts will need replacement to ensure a continued high level vibration protection.

We offer both factory or onsite refurbishment of our entire range of vibration compensators.

On site refurbishment also makes an ideal opportunity to recalibrate the compensator according to the ships current condition to enable the best possible protection.


Compensator rotation programmes

In some cases, a service, refurbishment or part replacement takes more time to perform than the actual time available alongside. For these special cases Gertsen & Olufsen has developed the premium compensator programme.

The service basically suggest to replace the current compensator with another. Naturally with a full premium guarantee from Gertsen & Olufsen. This operation is far less timeconsuming and in most cases less complex than doing the actual onsite service.

The vast years of experience and the many references of Gertsen and Olufsen provides a unique opportunity to maintain a rotating stock of new and refurbished compensators for this purpose. All compensators come with a Gertsen & Olufsen premium quality guarantee.

The compensators are used for special service contracts